Tuesday, 13 December 2016

PipeDreemz - Medical Marijuana canada

Marijuana is the most abused drugs in the world. It have so many bad effects on health , brain and your heart. However , besides this marijuana have some good effects as well.  only 6% of marijuana is being today used as medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana helps us to cure many illnesses. It helps to cure the deceases in glaucoma , lung health , epileptic seizures. It can also stop cancer spreading as  well. Sometimes it helps to decrease  Alzheimer disease as well.

Keep this in mind Pipe dreemz  is providing you the opportunity to obtain a licenses form health Canada to produce and sell of cannabis marijuana. Pipe dreemz will guide you step by step to complete all the paperwork. It will help you to get the application details ready for the 1st time.

Our skilled and expertise stuffs will not just help you to get ready with the marijuana application. They will help you to do consulting , management and advisory solutions as well. Pipe dreemz will help you to gather knowledge and gain expertise knowledge in cultivation process if cannabis. Pipe dreemz will help you to manage four things when you are going to produce and sell medical marijuana.

Quality systems - Quality is always the highest priority for any business and industry. We will  verify and let you prepare to maintain the section 60 of ACMPR(  Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations ) guidelines.

Record Keeping - we will help you with record keeping as well. When submitting the application to health canada , the section 11 of ACMPR require to maintain. which is basically kinda record keeping system .

Good Manufacturing process - GMP or good manufacturing process is 3rd most important thing while you are applying for production and sell of medical marijuana. It must maintain that latest , updated and advanced marijuana production is being met.

Physical security requirements - Health canada will detect your physical security status   if you are eligible for medical marijuana or not. Don't worry , we are here to help you so that you met the qualification for health canada acmpr application . 
They will just want to make sure that the substances will go through such a processes it is not going to harm anyone. Pipe dreemz works with security contractors so that your application must maintain that guidelines and facilities. We will work hard to make sure that all substances are safe guarded and enoughly secured always for public safety to minimize the risks of diversion.

Call us anytime to this no. 613 - 294 - 2324 or directly email us at grouthier@storm.ca with just your name , email , phone no. and your questions. We will help you back.

We look forward to work with you.