Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Garofalo law firm – The best Probate attorney in Chicago Illinois area

Garofalo law firm have wide variety of legal services to serve you with. Our president Mr. Gregg A. Garofalo founded this company called Garofalo law firm invented this firm to serve you the best legal services throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. Our team has exceptional lawyers and dedicated stuffs to provide you the best legal services to all of our clients. We believe and maintain the quality of work. While working with us, you will find us the most innovative and expert compared with the others. Our team is highly trained and focuses on a single area. It is not that a single lawyer is providing multiple legal needs. We always want to build a long term relationship with all of our clients. We explore all the options that are available with you and then put them in the table so that you can choose your best. You can choose between what options you have. We help clients to understand the environment around you and how you will cope with this. 

We provide assistance on various legal needs. They are - Estate planning, how you will do will, trusts and powers or attorney, the probate processes. We help client with the whole guardianship legal needs like – guardianship litigation, guardian administration, estate administration etc. We provide legal assistance on Medicaid planning, asset protection, elder abuse etc. We work on various real estate legal needs, employment laws, health law, business law etc. We help client those are fighting with landlord and tenant rights.

Estate planning is a designed to protect your loved ones like - wife and kids even after your sudden death or anti incapacitating condition. If you have big assets, estate planning could be extremely complex. We will make sure your assets are fully protected. We will make sure your assets will be distributed to the loved ones according to your wishes. If you become anticipated, we will also help you how you will proceed In this case. There are also threats of lawsuits and various other threats. We will create   strategy to counter that as well. We will find the best way to transit out of your business when the time comes. It is our duty to let you know what is involved administrating an estate or trust. We help clients with various estate planning requirements. They are – wills, trusts, insurance trusts, charitable trusts, powers of attorney, living wills. Not only this, we help clients to know how you plan for living wills, succession planning business entity planning specialized estate documents.

Probate is the most complex thing everyone’s life. From a parent point of view and form a kid point of view. While you are form Chicago, Illinois area, the Chicago probate process can be time consuming, complex, complicated and hard to understand everything. There are requirement of everyone involved and requirement of lots of things to do. When you are died without a will all your assets will go through instatement process, where all the debts will be repaid and rest of the assets will go through probate process. We will locate and file the last will and the testament with the local court. The file required probate documents with the court. We will locate, inventory, custody, close and transfer the personal assets and accounts. We will pay debts and expanses with the last illness and funeral. We will make payments to creditors, discharge obligations and obtain creditor release. We will help clients to process and receive life insurance death benefits.  We will file appropriate tax returns and will make appropriate tax elections. We will pay estate taxes and find personal income taxes as well. We will let you go through the whole probate process and solve your whole probate problem. To hire great Probate attorney Chicago call Garofalo law firm if you are form Chicago Illinois area.

The elder law consists of many things. Many things to understand as well. It encompasses various things which Medicaid planning, asset protection more. The estate planning is also one kind of elder law services. We discussed the estate planning before. Our lawyers will help you to cope with elder law services. We help clients to plan for long term care, we help determine Medicaid eligibility and planning asset spend owns. We help clients to create a living will or advanced health care directive as well. If you are looking to create power of attorney as well. Elder law also entails elder abuse, the abuse of power of attorney and many more. The asset protection is also very helpful. It is very important while you are going to plan for elder law. Many people wonder what they need to do protect their assets. You must plan asset protection before you find yourself in financial difficulty.

Garofalo law firm will also help you if you are buying or selling a property no matter for what reason for commercial or for residentional purposes. We provide experienced, comprehensive representation in the areas including financing acquisition, sales, leasing, construction and entity information.   We help clients with following residential real estate deals, they are follows –
  1. Purchase and sales of family homes.
  2. Apartment lease negotiation and contract  drafting
  3. Brokered purchases and sales.
  4. We help 1st time home buyers and sellers

If you are buying or selling any commercial real estate properties then you require considering several things - 
  1. Acquisition and financing of commercial real estate
  2. Acquisition and financing of land for commercial development
  3. New construction and financing
  4. Condominium and building associations
  5. Drafting and enforcing easements
  6. Construction and architectural contracts
  7. Title-insurance matters
  8. Title examinations
  9. Drafting and negotiation of commercial leases
  10. Drafting condominium declarations

If you are looking for Real estate, business, professional lawyer services form Chicago, kindly contact with us at Garofalo law firm. You can call us at 312 – 753 – 6000 or fax us at 312 – 753 – 6000. If you want to email us just go to our portal and send us an email.