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Guide to become a licensed producer of medical marijuana

All we know that marijuana is drug which is often termed as weed, herb, pot, Ganja. The marijuana is a drug that is used to take by mostly young’s persons. It is a extremely dangerous thing, once entered into your brain, it damages the several tissues and also reacts the other ways and put effects on your nervous system. However, this marijuana has several other good effects too and that is medical line. This marijuana is also could be used in medical purposes as well. This marijuana also could be used in curing several diseases as well.

Keeping this in mind, Pipe Dreemz is bringing here new services like MMPR consulting, ACMPR consulting services. We understand that some clients (patients actually) require to grow marijuana as a limited versions or limited quantity. That’s why Pipe dreemz in corporations is here to help you with this. We offer services to help you to get the access to medical marijuana just by submitting application to become a licensed producer. Lets know the details how we help our clients to get access medical marijuana as well.

CONSULTING – We offer consulting services with our clients. With the help of proper consulting we understand the client’s requirements. We consult with clients regarding their capacity, budget and infrastructures as well. This is very important and long process. With the help of time and assistance from our clients we let them understand what is important and what is not. Within this consulting part we also discuss the budgetary things. How much ongoing budget it requires how much money it will take for production, how much budget it takes for ongoing production it takes. After all these consulting are done we create white papers for that company. In these white papers, one can easily see the plans, programs, the to do list, the performance analysis, Gap analysis, employee management and every other things. This will decide the future of the company as well.

APPLICATION – We helps our clients to submit application for production of marijuana for only medical purposes. We will tell you and let you know how you will write your application, how you will submit your application to health Canada. Our owner Mr. George, who puts his special attention on this work. Because he used to work in federal food and drug administration for over a decade and there he knew all the details what it takes to get approved the marijuana for medical purposes. Pipe dreemz will advise you how to submit your application to health Canada. There are lots of rules and regulations to follow in health Canada as well. We will let our clients know all those rules and regulations for you and then we will help our clients to write application according to those terms. If your application get rejected (sometimes, the federal govt. might reject your application if they are not satisfied with their answer) on those cases, our company will support you to get submitted again and get your application approved. From the application submission to getting approval we will guide in each step.

INFRASTRUCTURE – This is the main part of your medical marijuana process. We offer the infrastructure services build up for your company. To build the proper infrastructure for your company, you will need our help. We help our form start to end regarding this. This includes the following things –
  1. How you will build the community hall.
  2. How you will build the inside infrastructure of marijuana.
  3. How you process your marijuana be it meditative way or not.
  4. The plantation and growing of medical marijuana as well.
  5. How you secure the whole infrastructure as well. Security is the most important part here, because security plays important role in marijuana production. You need to make sure that your production is not going to the hand of criminals or any wrong hand. You need to make sure that none is getting any wrong access to your cannabis.
  6. How you will serve customers with dried marijuana.
  7. How you will process marijuana

IN OFFICE WORK – This is not just producing legally marijuana. You require to maintain lots of procedure while you are in marijuana production and those also includes the following things –
  1. Quality systems - Quality assurance is a thing that is not under stable by most of the companies today. But quality systems are the big thing that all company requires. With the help of proper quality systems you can only turn your company to a high profit business. 
  2. Record Keeping – While submitting an application to health Canada, record keeping is extreme important. This is the only factor that health Canada really cares. They require very complicated and error free record keeping system with that infrastructure. You will use software’s and hardwires for that as well .
  3. Good manufacturing Practices – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Production Practices (GPP) are the part of quality assurance that ensures drugs are consistently produced and controlled in such a manner as to meet the quality standards appropriate to their intended use, as required by Health Canada. Requirements and...Inspections are conducted to verify compliance with GMP which is a requirement for the issuance of an establishment license.
  4. Good production practices – To ensure a uniform application of these requirements and help the industry to comply, PipeDreemz Inc. has developed Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines for the MMPR as well as a series of other related documents. Note: Health Canada refers to Good Production Practices in the ACMPR which in fact is Good Manufacturing Practices.

Security planning as well what we discussed before.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask back me any questions if you have. We would love to give you answers of all of your questions. You can call us at 1-833-226-2776 for better confirmations as well. 

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